Are you ready to move from
spiritual weakness to
spiritual strength?

It's time, Daughter. ARISE!

Wake Up the Warrior Within

Positioned for Victory

God has strategically positioned you far above all principality, power, might, dominion and everything the enemy is causing in the world. Seated at God's right hand is your spiritual position in Christ – let's act like it.

Prepare Your Faith to Fight

God equipped you with spiritual armor and strategies for victory. By taking God up on His promises, you can take back what rightfully belongs to you and have an abundant future.

Activate the Word

You can break the enemy’s power and win the battles you face in life. Learn the art of strategic warfare and RISE above the circumstances of life by releasing the strength and authority that’s yours in Christ.

Are you tired of being the devil's roadkill?

God’s promises and provision belong to all. But they’re not automatic. They begin on the inside before they become evident on the outside.

In Never Meet the Devil Naked, Toni Chism exposes the devil’s plan to keep you naked, ashamed and in spiritual darkness. She takes the mystery out of how to enjoy God’s good will for your life. With the Apostle Paul’s help, Toni shows how you can:

  • Walk in spiritual confidence
  • Step into your God given nature and identity
  • Strengthen your relationship with Holy Spirit
  • Boldly wear God’s armor
  • Stop the devil in his tracks

Never Meet the Devil Naked will show you how to stay dressed in the armor God provides. You’ll learn strategies that will help you step out of spiritual weakness into spiritual strength so that you can experience the power of God in your life. You never have to be run over by the devil again.

This is NOT a drill

Spiritual warfare is not a drill.

It's time to armor-up.

Leading God’s Daughters Out of Demonic Oppression into Spiritual Strength

For too many years I lived in spiritual darkness. Beaten and defeated, the devil knocked me down for the final count. That’s when I had an encounter with the Lord that changed my life. Through the power of Holy Spirit, I rose from the ashes of defeat and a mere belief in a God that I couldn’t see, to knowing that God is real.

I had evidence that God was not only real, but that He was also touchable. I began seeing things in a new light. I discovered that God wanted me to know Him, and He wanted to have a relationship with me. He wants to have a relationship with you, too.

I also learned that the devil is real. He’s an evil devourer who likes to beat up on those who don’t know how to take authority over him. Because they don’t understand who they are IN CHRIST.

That started my spiritual warrior journey. Through the Word, God taught me about faith and how to fight life’s challenges with His weapons. He taught me how to live the abundant life Jesus died to give me.

Whether you know it or not, all of God’s kids are at war. The game changer is knowing how to win at spiritual warfare. Together, let’s fight and stop the enemy in his tracks.

Are you ready to learn the strategies that will help you win the battles you face in life?