Spiritually Strong for 2023

Newsletter January 2023

You’re on God’s heart and on mine. As I follow God’s leading for 2023, it’s all about helping one another grow stronger in the Lord so we experience greater depths of His power working on our behalf.

This year I released two spiritual strength books with you in mind. They’re full of Biblical spiritual guidance. The upcoming free eBooks, new podcasts and courses for 2023 are designed with you in mind. They’ll center around spiritual guidance straight from the Bible. The training and journal posts will be geared at helping you…

  • Understand spiritual warfare
  • Receive your healing
  • Wake-up the Warrior within
  • Build a life that the storms Jesus said are coming can’t destroy
  • Keep the devil under your feet
  • Make a million dollars. Just kidding! ; )

The Bible may not promise a million dollars, but you can live in the abundance Jesus offers in John 10:10. That’s why we exist. To help you experience everything Jesus died to give. Together we can share and reflect the goodness of God.

Everything we produce is designed to get you closer to God and your life’s dreams and visions. Thank you for reading our emails and for your feedback. We appreciate you and wish you a God designed new year!

Be Blessed, Toni

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