Sharpen Your Sword

Spiritual warfare is not a drill. It’s time to armor-up.

The supernatural realm is real. There are unseen forces working to destroy you and your family. The good news is you don’t have to put up with anything the devil dishes out.

In Never Meet the Devil Naked, book one, Toni exposes the devil’s plan to keep you naked, ashamed and in spiritual darkness. She takes the mystery out of how to enjoy God’s good will for your life.

Toni shows how you can:

  • Walk in spiritual confidence
  • Step into your God given nature and identity
  • Strengthen your relationship with Holy Spirit
  • Boldly wear God’s armor
  • Stop the devil in his tracks

Never Meet the Devil Naked will show you how to stay dressed in the armor God provides. You’ll learn strategies that will help you step out of spiritual weakness into spiritual strength so that you can experience the power of God in your life. You never have to be run over by the devil again.

Seedtime to Harvest

Sow into the lives of other women warriors.

Seedtime to Harvest Ministry exists to promote Kingdom of God living. Through outdoor advertising, providing Bibles and producing educational materials, Seedtime to Harvest Ministry educates and arms people with the Truth of John 10:10.

Will you help us continue providing Bibles and resources to you and others by donating today? Together we can spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Seedtime to Harvest is not a 501c3 and donations are not tax deductible. All funds are received as seed for harvest and are used for:

  • Operating Expenses
  • To develop, produce, create, purchase and distribute learning materials
  • And much more

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