The twins seemed as surprised as their older sister who was about 7 years old. A gentleman had opened the door at the post office in a rather regal way and allowed us entrance. I watched the girls postures lengthen as they walked a little taller. There was a hint of elegance in their step and wonderment flashing in their eyes. They enjoyed the splendor of the moment. They felt special. So did I.

“I wonder how he knew we were royalty,” Jaidyn asked, starring up into my eyes.
Her awe lit me up on the inside as a smile warmed my face. Nothing brought me more joy than the time I spent with my granddaughters.

We’d been reading our ancestry history. My cousin Tom and his wife Brenda researched our roots through our grandmother, Nellie Holloway. My daughters called her Grandma Great. She was my mother’s, mother.

Based on their research we hailed from a long line of royal and noble ranks. Proof of royalty excited Jaidyn. It confirmed what she already knew in her heart. She was a real life princess.

The genealogy work led to the discovery of another ancestor, a Pilgrim, the Reverend Thomas Rogers. The Reverend and his son Joseph traveled to America on the Mayflower.

Things got exciting when I learned that Thomas Rogers great grandfather, John Rogers, completed his friend, William Tyndale’s work of translating the Bible into English when Tyndale was imprisoned. Convicted of heresy, Tyndale was executed by strangling and then burnt at the stake.

Although his contribution was a small portion in the Old Testament, Tyndale’s name could not appear on the translation because he was labeled a heretic. Rogers could not take credit for the work either so he used the pseudonym Thomas Matthews.

The Tyndale translation was the first English Bible taken from both the Hebrew and Greek languages. It was the first English translation to use Jehovah as God’s name. It was also the first translation printed in English on the printing press.

As the first of many martyrs killed by Queen Mary, John Rogers was burnt at the stake. Queen Mary is better known as Bloody Mary.

Deep within our heart of hearts there’s a longing that knags for release. It’s a knowing of our true identity. It’s a longing to release our inner princess.

Far too many men and women in love with the Lord sacrificed all to bring us His Word. There has always been an enemy to God’s Word and to those who are His.

When Jaidyn released her inner princess it reminded me of how special we are to Father God. I don’t believe God has called any of us to die to promote the gospel—Jesus did that. Yet, at the hands of the enemy and evil men, many have paid that ultimate price to bring us the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why? Because the Bible is a book of power. Good for us there are more who want to make it known than there are who want to stop it from being known.

God said through Isaiah that His Word would never return void. He said in Hebrews that His Word is alive and full or power. God’s Word cuts sickness, disease, lack and poverty out of our lives when we understand how to wield it.

The enemy knows this. He knows if people get a hold of God’s truths it will change their lives for the better.

If we belong to Father God through Jesus Christ we are royalty. We are heirs, joint heirs with Jesus according to God’s promise. Father God commanded that we are to rule and reign in this life. It wasn’t a suggestion. But to rule and reign we have to know who we are and that we have been given authority as princess’, daughters of the King of Kings to rule and reign over the circumstances of life. We have to know what belongs to us.

God values us so much that He crowned us with His favor. As daughters of the King He clothed us with His royal robe of righteousness. We are His masterpiece and He calls us His beloved. We have a royal heritage.

The King of King says His daughters are all glorious within. And her clothing is of wrought gold (Psalm 45:13). Who are we to argue or disagree? Let Him have His illusions? No, that’s how Father God sees us. He sees us through the eyes of His love.

He knows we’re not perfect. But He chooses to see the best in us. He sees beyond our failures and discontentment. He sees us as the valuable, precious jewels He died for. We are now children of the King and heirs of the throne.

God has opened wide the door of His good treasure. Do you need to discover who you are in Christ? Do you need to release your inner princess? Will you be like Jaidyn and put on the royal mantel? Do you need to discover Everything Jesus Died To Give Us? Then come, one and all to our Father the King with bold expectation and receive what belongs to you.
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