Never Meet The Devil Naked
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Never Naked 3D
Don’t Be The Devil’s Roadkill

If you’re tired of being the devil’s roadkill, this book is for you. I’ll help you walk out of bondage and spiritual weakness as you walk through the pages of NEVER MEET THE DEVIL NAKED. You’ll emerge knowing how to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

NEVER MEET THE DEVIL NAKED has great reviews. People everywhere are taking a stand against the demonic attacks in their lives. Women are hungry to learn about spiritual warfare and I’m thrilled to see God at work through my book.

God gave us instructions so we can stay dressed in the armor He’s provided. The Bible has strategies that will help YOU stay spiritually strong against the enemy’s attacks in the chaotic world we live. 

Along with my first book release allow me to introduce my new website. Check out the homepage for my Damascus Road Encounter’s with God video. The book comes with a free 85-page downloadable study guide. That’s another book!

Please share these spiritual growth opportunities with all your friends and family. 

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NEVER MEET THE DEVIL NAKED  Available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel

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