Meet Toni

There’s so much more to me than what meets the eye or that I have room to share.

During the beginning chapters of my life, darkness always seemed to have a grip on me. Somehow, mysteriously hidden in my youth, I’d cracked open a door to the devil that gave him access to my life. I didn’t know the devil was real. That he came with deception aimed to steal everything and everyone I valued. He’s full of lies designed to kill us. His intention is utter destruction. I played right into his hand.

When I’d lost hope, for the first time in my life I decided that God wasn’t real. And if God didn’t exist, there was no reason for me to exist either.

That was the moment. I was sitting alone in a restaurant, hundreds of miles from home and a stranger started to talk to me. For the next few days, I experienced the God I’d believed in, but in a way that I’d never imagined was possible.

He said, “This is what I AM going to do to you. Clean out all the old within and make you whole and new and pure again.”

I had no idea what He meant. When was I ever whole? Pure? Was God talking to the right girl?

Years of being battered and bruised left me with a damaging lack of self-worth and poor decision-making skills. But God changed my outlook and my course.

Whole is what God promised, and whole is what God made good on. He taught me about life in His kingdom. He gave me His definition of whole and taught me how to always live from a place of victory.

I learned that the devil is an unseen evil that runs roughshod over those who are ignorant of God’s Truth. It was that darkness that once held me his captive. But not anymore.

Toni Chism

God taught me about spiritual warfare. He explained the armor that He’d given me. 

He taught me how to defeat the devil and keep my family protected. 

I learned to fight by using faith instead of fists so that I could win every battle, every time.

As His daughter, God taught me about His nature and character. He showed me His Kingdom that exists here in the earth and how to have the abundant life Jesus died to give me. God changed my life. And He wants me to teach you, His daughters, what He’s taught me.


Stronger than the Storms

Coming soon from Toni Chism

Storms can happen at any time. When you’re faced with hardship, Jesus offers a choice. Will you be strong and courageous and follow the three-step plan He teaches, or retreat in fear? 

Toni shows you how you can be Stronger than the Storms.